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After a whirl of change – some good, some heartbreaking – all Tanya Byrne wants in 2018 is an unbroken routine

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Imagine there’s a literary version of Tinder, let’s call it Less Misérables, how would you describe yourself?

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It’s June. I’m sitting in a chair I’ve sat in as often as my own sofa. Outside, rush hour has slowed to a sticky crawl that stops. Starts. Stops. Starts. Inside, my mother is dying.

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In a series to mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, author Tanya Byrne says true diversity in books for young people is shamefully overdue.

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Broken-hearted and suddenly brave, Tanya Byrne came out to her brother last Sunday shortly after hearing about the 49 fatalities at Pulse


Where are all the people of colour in children’s books? Tanya Byrne has long been aware that most of the characters in books don’t look like her.